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Based in Mena, AR, Trinity Ashlynn has been performing all around Arkansas since the spring of 2023. Her sound is a mix of indie, alt-rock, and pop. As a singer/songwriter and ukuleleist/guitarist, she performs many covers in addition to her own originals. She has covered artists such as Girl in Red and Billie Eilish. She has performed at events such as the 2023 NWA Fayetteville Pride Parade and Brandy's Medical Day Festival in Mena. Trinity is sometimes joined by her guitarist Chelsey Green. 

Trinity performing "Fell In Love In October" by Girl In Red at the 2023 NWA Pride

Trinity splits her time gigging between NWA and Central AR. She is also is currently working on recording her original "Blurry", which will be out in the winter of 2023. 
Trinity quotes $50 for 30mins and $100 for an hour set.
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