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In 2021, The NWA C0llective began a partnership with Fayetteville's NWA Young Authors and Artists, a high school student-led creative organization that organizes art exhibitions, poetry readings, theatrical performances and other creative events by and for high school students. Starting with the event Age of Alteration in 2021, The NWA Collective co-organizes multi media events including a concert, open mic, and art exhibition with NWA YAA.


The NWA Collective hosts under 21 songwriting jam sessions at the Fayetteville Folk School. Young musicians can bring their instruments (or voices) or use those provided to the school every second Sunday of the month from 5pm-8pm. Instruments provided by the school include upright pianos, an electric piano, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, a stand up bass, vocal mics, a mandolin, an electric organ, a cajon drum, a hand drum, shakers, and an accordion.


In 2023, The NWA Collective began a partnership with TASC (Teen Support and Action Center) in Springdale. The Collective is able to use TASC's recording studio and equipment for our use in exchange for sound and industry workshops with TASC's teens. The recording studio includes a full drum kit, keyboard and synthesizers, guitar and bass amps, instrument and vocal mics, production software, and more, all available to artists in The Collective under Milcah's management. 


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