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The Fayetteville Folk School, previously Fayetteville Roots, is a community space, located in the Walker Stone House, dedicated to promoting local music and run by Bryan and Bernice Hembree. 

Practice Room: This room can be booked for free during certain hours of the week. It has a full drum kit, multiple keyboards, multiple guitar and bass amps, a few guitars, and more. There are other instruments found in other rooms of the Folk School that can be used during practice sessions as well. 

Equipment Lending: The Folk School runs a free 4-6-week equipment lending program. An instrument list can be found on the Folk School website. 

Jam Session: The Collective hosts a songwriting jam session for anyone under the age of 21 every second Sunday of the month at the Folk School. Individuals can bring their own instruments or utilize the options listened above. Jam session dates can be found on our calendar. 

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